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Looking to buy a home in Sierra Vista? Look no further…

Sierra Vista’s #1 Realtor- Stephanie Baker

Did you know Sierra Vista is a military town? We have approximately 2,600 active duty military personnel assigned to Ft Huachuca and only 1,139 family housing units on the base. With another 2,400 military trainees temporarily stationed on the base and only about 85 homes for rent in nearby Sierra Vista, buying a home may be your best option.

We have had an average of 250 homes on the market at any given time throughout 2023. New construction is always a great option when shopping for a new home. In 2022, there were 412 new construction permits issued throughout Cochise County.

Three of our most popular neighborhoods include: Country Club, Pueblo del Sol, and The West End. The West End is the most affordable with average home prices at $219K, while Pueblo del Sol averages $255K and Country Club at $350K.

We offer 27 public schools all rated at “good” or higher, not including the 3 schools located on Ft Huachuca. White people make up about 70% of our population with another 13% Mixed Race, 8% Black, and 4% Asian. Sierra Vista is also a hub for Cochise Community College, hosting about 6,000 students county-wide.

Sierra Vista is a wonderful city to raise a family. It is safe, clean, diverse, and housing expenses are 17% lower than the national average.

If you are looking for a trustworthy realtor in the Sierra Vista area, please reach out to Stephanie Baker at 520-559-0855 or email at

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